Are Electric Cars Environmentally Friendly? . . . Could All Internal Combustion Engines Be Replaced by Electric Engines? . . .Why are Big Projects Designed by Bureaucrats Instead of Engineers?


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Adam and Jeff return to familiar territory in calling out the socially virtuous drivers of electric cars who are ingnorant of the actual source of the electricity powering the grid. They point out that more than two-thirds of the electric grid is powered by fossil fuels. The recent (and illegal) attempt by California's governor to ban internal combustion engines by 2035 via executive order is discussed. Jeff suggests that politics is becoming less a legislative process than a forum in which ideologues try to forment hostility toward whatever thing they oppose to deter opponents from voicing their own opinions or pushing their own agendas. Adam and Jeff talk about the "groupthink" that has characterized the government effort to convince drivers to switch to electric vehicles, pointing out that government tax credits are nothing more than subsidies to the wealthier tax payers who can actually afford to buy electric vehicles. Adam also wonders why the socially virtuous drivers of electric vehicles do not worry much about the child labor used in developing countries to secure materials for manufacturing lithium batteries or the environmental costs of disposing of and recycling these materials.

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