The Omaha Bugle's Purchase of CNN. . . .Times When CEOs Should Avoid Earnings Calls. . . . Why Do "Chicken Wings" Imported from China Have Toenails? . . . President Trump Announces His Candidacy for President. . . . Carbon Footprints and the G-20 Summit .


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Adam and Jeff discuss their on-going efforts to purchase CNN after having passed a hat around the office. They express their sympathy for a CEO who was admittedly drunk on an earnings call. Adam points out that you get what you pay for after authorities determined that cheaper imported "chicken wings" from China were actually succulent rat legs. He also talks about former President Trump, who recently announced his candidacy for President in 2024. Jeff wonders whether it would have made more sense to conduct the G-20 summit on a zoom call instead of sending hundreds of officials on private jets down to Bali. He also worries about the "geritocracy" that currently runs the executive and legislative branches of government. President Biden's lack of knowledge about his current location does not seem to affect his popularity; Jeff wonders if it is due to much of the general public not being sure about their own geographical locations.

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