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News Podcast Terbaik yang Boleh Kami Cari
News Podcast Terbaik yang Boleh Kami Cari
News channels have become vital part of people's daily activities as they provide people with fresh information about the latest events, the weather, the stock market, from every corner of the world. Getting the latest news has become even easier thanks to podcasts as they are easy to follow, on almost all devices people use, and at any place - on the way home, in the park, at work, etc. The podcasts listed in this catalog provide coverage of the current, breaking news, business news, local news, national news and world news, at all hours, morning, noon and evening, from many countries in the world. Most of the podcasts are hosted by renowned journalists, who discuss about the latest events in many fields, including politics, showbiz, sports, technology, sometimes accompanied by experts in many fields of interest. Also, there are podcasts which present informative and thought-provoking discussion of front-page issues and major news stories.

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Biasanya kita digalakkan makan tiga kali sehari. Terdapat nasihat di kalangan rakyat China berbunyi bahawa “makan baik untuk sarapan, makan sampai kenyang untuk makan tengah hari, makan kurang untuk makan malam”. Makan tengah hari penting walaupun sering diabaikan atas alasan “sibuk bekerja”, “belum lapar lagi”, “jimat masa” atau “jimat duit”. Namu…
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