Dreaming of a White Dwarfmas


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A slightly grumpy GJ is reconsidering his faith and so there is only one logical conclusion: talk about the White Dwarf. Because if you look really hard, squint with both eyes and cover one of them with a fancy eyepatch just like Gotrek's, there is a very definite sort-of link between Grombrindal and Christmas. A deep dive, not through the army books, but through Grombrindal's namesake magazine, scouring obscure pdfs for rules that don't change too much after Herohammer. But then again, they were pretty far out there in the Herohammer era. Oh, and one final warning: only listen to this episode with your opponent's permission. We have to mention that almost every single time, especially when you get three legendary lords for the price of one, which is also the price of one thousand points.

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