8. Moving From the Shadow of Addiction to the Gift of Invention (Gene Key 24)


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Today, I’m interrupting my plans to tell you about what God has put on my heart to share with you. The Gene Keys and contemplation of any kind is philosophy—this is not truth. These are beautiful ideas and interpretations that you can listen to, get inspired by, contemplate for yourself, and then go to God, and ask your own questions, maybe turn them into your own philosophies and help heal others by shining your unique light, your wisdom, your work—out into this world.

The Shadow of your Culture Sphere (or Gene Key) can directly block the flow of money toward you. The Shadow of Gene Key 24 is Addiction—

How do we break a pattern of addiction?

  1. Awareness
  2. Transformation—listen!—through this Gene Key is silence; Be present. Listening to originality. Become addicted to listening to God.
  3. Invention! When you start getting downloads; visions

The 24th Gift of Invention is about creative addiction—the heart of the human creative process. It’s the art of thinking and acting in totally original ways. It brings new things into the world, and can surprise you as much as others. The 24th Gift is truly magical and contains the secret to genius. And, genius is far more than lateral thinking; it is the ability to make quantum leaps.

There are whole worlds of possibilities in the space between thoughts, sounds, and even between your impulses and cravings. One of the most difficult, yet rewarding things you can do in life is to embrace those gaps in your awareness. This means, do not push your anxiety away. And do not fill in those gaps! Invention most often occurs within those gaps—when you are at rest—sitting silently, sleeping, dreaming, or simply doing nothing at all.

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Until next time, Lightworker, keep on shining on. You were created for something extraordinary.

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