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If anyone that has their eyes open and is remotely aware or conscious-one would observe that there are those that provided not one indication that they were a part of the MISCHIEF that is now demonstrating a level of hatred for their fellow man that is now vividly on display.
Co-workers, friends, fellow pew sitters are now allowing their hidden feelings to be exposed to the light. And instead of scurrying away from the ever-increasing luminescence of the light they are becoming more and more emboldened and seemingly assuming the characteristic traits of vermin.
is a piece that was written immediately after the election of 2020. Although that was the date that these words were put to paper, the recognition that those who were allowing their inner-most beliefs and desires concerning racism and the thirst for power was recognized LONG before.
We, those of us who possess a concern for all mankind, MUST not sit idly by and allow this infestation to continue to multiply and suck the life blood out of those things for which we fought so hard to attain.
WE must not allow them to scurry about, unchecked, and ravage the land as if there is no manner by which they can be checked.
WE must mobilize, VOTE and exercise the strength exhibited and handed down to us by our ancestors-a legacy rooted in desire, will and an abundance of FAITH-in GOD- and one another.


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