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Votum-Salutation-Singing Psalter 349-Scripture Reading- Matthew 28-11-20-Singing Psalter 83-Confession of faith in the reading of the Apostles' Creed-Prayer for God's blessing upon the preaching of God's Word-Offering-Singing Psalter 241-3, 5, - 9-Text- Matthew 28-11-20-Theme- Two Contrasting Scenes-1. Power-2. Proclamation-3.Promise-Closing Prayer…
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This week, we delve into Revelation 2:12-17, focusing on the church in Pergamum's call to maintain a faithful witness amidst persecution. We explore the dangers of tolerating false teachings and the consequences of failing to stand firm in faith. Finally, we are reassured of God's divine protection and the eternal rewards for those who overcome, hi…
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