Professionalizing Business Engineering - Gil Hoffer - Keenan Vision Podcast Episode 4, February 4, 2022


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Join the Keenan Vision Podcast for a fascinating and fun interview of Gil Hoffer, co-founder and CTO of Salto, by Vernon Keenan. Learn about Gil’s perspective on Business Engineering, his love of code, and some cool stories from his past.

These are the key point covered in this lively conversation:

  • Gil’s experience as a company builder
  • How as an operator he figured out the complexity of configuring all the applications
  • Vern describes how revolutionary products like HashiCorp Terraform was to devops and notes that Salto is kind doing the same thing with “infrastructure as code”.
  • Gil describes how they invented Salto’s NaCl syntax to be a universal language for describing how to configure SaaS systems
  • Gil describes how organizations may depend on a SaaS system like Zendesk, and sometimes that critical system is being managed manually, and how Salto can help businesses more formally engineer the solutions.
  • Gil tells the story about how he got started with computers at the age of six, and that was his first experience with English as an Israeli child.
  • Vern asks Gil about his experience in the Israeli Defense Forces, but any response would have gotten both of them killed.
  • Gil shares more details on his motivation where he looks at processes and wants them to go faster!
  • The occupation of “business engineer” is discussed. How it is now a profession, and how Salto supports being more rigorous leveraging the wisdom of the ages.
  • Vern and Gil discuss the low-code features of the Salto UI.
  • Vern describes why he likes Salto’s architecture, and Gil describes more how it works by ingesting data from a variety of sources.
  • Gil explains why Salto is open source and available on GitHub.
  • The free version of Salto is available at
  • Gil discusses some of his customers. There are a variety of use cases! Some visionary, some practical.
  • The Salto customer success team’s process is described.
  • Vern describes more about why he likes Salto
  • Gil and Vern discuss Salto’s investors
  • Gil gives a pep talk about professional business engineering

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