Do More With Less – Kumar Chivukula – Keenan Vision Podcast Episode 5, Feb 18, 2022


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This week on the Keenan Vision Podcast we continue with our devops thought leader series with Kumar Chivukula, CTO of Opsersa. Check out how Kumar gets about making enterprises get the job done with less effort. Plus find out how Opsera is making it through the pandemic.

Here are the key points we covered in this conversation:

  • Kumar’s journey through Silicon Valley with Adobe and Symantec
  • Challenges faced when putting applications into the cloud
  • Found there to be challenges in doing software development across an organization
  • Kumar gives the Opsera elevator pitch for IT execs and Salesforce architects
  • Kumar describes how to use Opsera in a Salesforce release management scenario
    • It involves a integrating a bunch of tools into a pipeline
    • Help to measure business value
  • Vern compares Opsera to the Top 5 devops platform
    • Opsera is a “command server” that runs devops pipelines
  • Kumar describes how Opsera is an alternative management tool
    • Describes some internal architecture for expansion
    • “We are the Salesforce of [cloud native] devops”
  • Kumar describes how Opsera makes Salesforce devops go faster.
    • He said deployments go from hours to minutes!
    • Helps teams avoid “burning the midnight oil” with Opsera
  • Vern asks about the Opsera partner ecosystem
    • Opsera makes it easy for a bunch of systems to be integrated
    • Vern reminds potential partners to contact Opsera’s partner program
  • Vern asks about key experiences as an Opsera founder
    • He talked about the team, with all the sacrifices, especially with the pandemic
    • Kumar gets to express how much he loves his employees!
  • Kumar explains how some global system integrators use Opsera during digital transformation projects
  • Kumar explains how customers get started with Opsera.
    • “It’s easy!”
  • Kumar talks about Opsera free trials
  • Kumar gives advice for job seekers!

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