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Klinisch Relevant Podcast

Klinisch Relevant Podcast

Dr. med. Kai Gruhn, Dr. med. Dietrich Sturm, Prof. Markus Wübbeler

Klinisch Relevant ist Dein Wissenspartner für das Gesundheitswesen. In unserem Podcast liefern wir Dir 2x/Woche, nämlich Dienstags und Samstags, bringen wir Dir Fachwissen in Deinen klinischen Alltag. Damit wollen wir die interdisziplinäre und interprofessionelle Zusammenarbeit in der Medizin und damit die Qualität der Patient*innenversorgung verbessern. Du arbeitest in einem medizinischen Fachberuf oder interessierst Dich für medizinische Themen? Dann bist Du hier genau richtig. Mehr Inform ...
Bine ai venit pe pagina de podcast a bisericii Relevant din Cluj-Napoca. Suntem un grup de oameni (de toate vârstele) pasionați de a vedea gloria lui Dumnezeu manifestată în cât mai multe vieți, local și global. Visul nostru e să plantăm o biserică iubitoare de Dumnezeu, ziditoare în maturitatea spirituală a membrilor ei și generoasă prin toate resursele pe care le administrăm.
In Relevant History, solo podcaster Dan Toler examines the trends and ideas that shape our modern world. The first season is about the idea of nationalism, and how different societies understand their national identities. From France to Ethiopia, from the Delhi Sultanate to the Dutch Republic, we travel through time and space to explore the roots of cultures around the world, and how those national trends have shaped their history.
Ronnie Eldridge, articulate, outspoken, and passionate discusses issues, institutions and politics that affect us all. Celebrating her tenth decade, and trying hard to keep relevant, Ronnie says, “I heard or read this somewhere: ‘… no matter who we are or where we come from, we each grow older every year, but how we handle that process of aging is a personal story. That’s our conversation for today.’”
Join the RELEVANT team as they tackle the intersection of faith and culture like no one else — all with a hilarious twist! In addition to the week's news and randomness, Cameron Strang, Jesse Carey, Jamie Ivey, Derek Minor and Tyler Huckabee are joined by thought-provoking leaders, influencers, and artists you don't want to miss.
In this weekly show, hosts John Kealey and Jay Swords examine events of history through the discussion of books, journal articles, papers, and presentations, then historians and history buffs ask the question, what is relevant or irrelevant in today’s world. For more than a decade, this show has aired over-the-air on KALA-FM in the Quad Cities. Now, we're bringing it here to make listening easier than ever!
Welcome to Relevant Church Live. We are led by Senior Pastors Chris & Liz Sarno and located in Daytona Beach, Florida. We exist to help people connect to God and we pray that through these messages, you would find your place, reveal your purpose, and unlock your potential. To learn more about Relevant Church, please visit us at WE EXIST TO CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD Here at Relevant Church, our mission is simple: Connect You to God. From the moment you walk on our campus, we make ...
Es una empresa dedicada a la recopilación, organización y análisis de la información que se difunde a través de los medios de comunicación, tanto impresos como electrónicos así como también de encuestas de opinión. Nuestros productos y servicios han sido diseñados para satisfacer diversas necesidades de información, con oportunidad, eficacia y confiabilidad, implementando mecanismos de difusión de vanguardia tecnológica. Trabajamos 24 horas al día los 365 días del año. Monitoreamos más de 10 ...
Staying Relevant

Staying Relevant

Sam Thompson & Pete Wicks

Join Sam Thompson & Pete Wicks on their weekly quest for fame. Whether that's the public appearances gone wrong, the brand campaigns we'd rather forget, or the reality TV that still haunts us - nothing is off the cards. With the occasional special guest, join the pair as they discover what it really takes to stay relevant in the public eye today. Listen by clicking 'Play' on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever it is you're listening now. Make sure to Subscribe or Follow, Rate and Review to ...
Welcome to Relevant Church's podcast home! Relevant is located in Ybor City, a historic district in Tampa, FL. Relevant exists to help people "Love Christ, Love Church, and Love Community". You'll find us talking about a living, active faith. You'll also find that we love to help people make their next step, whatever that may be. Go to our website for anything you need, or email us at


Posture Magazine

Relevant, a podcast by Posture, is hosted and produced by Annie Rose Malamet and features conversations with some of today’s leading queer visionaries. Posture is a New York City-based magazine and creative agency dedicated to diversity and intersectionality.
Welcome to West Church LKN! A message from Rev. Dr. Andrea Smith: West is a group of people that worship together, online or at Lake Norman High School, Mooresville, NC. 9 AM online service on Sundays, 10 AM in-person. If you come to West on a Sunday morning, you’ll find folks dressed in shorts and tee-shirts or athletic apparel, some coming straight from their soccer game. In winter, a pair of jeans and sweatshirt is common. At West, “all” means all people are welcome, and we actually live ...
Relevant means important or urgent. Everybody lives for something. Whatever a student finds to be most is what they think is most relevant in life. The thoughts we have, the choices we make, the relationships we’re in… they’re all determined by what we live for. Many ideas compete for students’ attention and affection, but we believe that Jesus Christ is the one person who is relevant yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Relevant Student Ministry exists to help students live for what matters most ...
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2/2/23 6am CT Hour John, Glen and Sarah chat about Groundhog Day, Tom Brady’s retirement and Sarah’s daughter turning one. Brian explains what has been happening around the country when it comes to attacks on pregnancy centers and Churches and a petition that is being sent to Congress. Fr. Jayden shares what catholic Schools are […]…
Welcome to Relevant Church Live, the online campus of Relevant Church located in Daytona Beach, Florida. We pray that through this service, you experience hope, help, and healing greater than ever before. For more information. lease visit our website at And as always, Welcome Home!Oleh Relevant Church
Viața trăită într-o altă formă decât în relația cu Cristos este robie, iar o viață trăită în libertate este una trăită cu responsabilitate. Ținând cont că libertatea descoperă caracterul, cum ai defini un om liber? Care sunt granițele libertății? Ascultă acest mesaj și învață câteva principii sănătoase despre o viață trăită dependent de Cristos, bu…
WELCOME HOME, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! At Relevant Church, we Gather around Christ, Grow in the Community, and Go to the Culture. LEARN MORE: SUBSCRIBE: @RelevantChurchRiverside FOLLOW US: ►► Instagram: ►► Facebook: GIVE: To support our growth and globa…
Shane Claiborne joins us to discuss what a holistic, pro-life mindset can practically look like. Plus, the cast takes a closer look at some of Christians' favorite directors, the absurdity of the Oscar Best Picture nominees, the future of TikTok and the current state of the Church. Advertising Inquiries:…
Das PASE-Projekt an der Uniklinik Münster Praxisanleitung in der Pflege Der Klinisch Relevant Podcast liefert Ärztinnen und Ärzten, sowie Angehörigen der Pflege- und Therapieberufe kostenlose und unabhängige medizinische Fortbildungsinhalte, die Du jederzeit und überall anhören kannst und die für Dich von Kollegen konzipiert werden. Im heutigen Bei…
Many people have endured something severe, some kind of trial, some kind of abuse or some kind of heartbreak that has caused trauma. Trauma is often not fair because you weren’t responsible for what happened to you, but you are left to deal with it. Until you heal your hurt, your hurt is going to continue hold you hostage. You may not be responsibl…
The "Relevant Or Irrelevant" team welcomes author David Bodanis to the 494th edition in this series to discuss, "The Art Of Fairness: The Power Of Decency In A World Turned Mean." Brett Monnard is the host for this episode, and Rick Sweet and Ed Broders are the history buffs. The opinions expressed in this program are those of the hosts and the gue…
Barbara Treen was a member of the New York Parole Board for 12 years, and continues to work on behalf of the incarcerated to get a chance at parole. Ms. Treen discusses the politics surrounding parole and legislation, the Fair and Timely Parole Act and Elder Parole Bill designed to reform the system. Treen notes the significant support from the CUN…
In the aftermath of the French and Indian War, Great Britain struggles to manage her enlarged North American holdings. In an effort to fund necessary garrison troops, Parliament levies a series of taxes on the 13 Colonies, who have previously held the right to manage their own taxes. This leads to a series of protests and back-and-forth exchanges t…
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