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In our Season 4 finale, we meet the Devil in the Home Counties and discover why self confidence is so important, which paint colours look best in the hall, what sleep deprived ambulance drivers get up to and why Tom Hiddleston wants your cash.Oleh Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast
If you want Morgan Freeman's quiet dignity, a Tesco delivery that would excite CSI, a mathematical Father of the Bride speech, a new road safety slogan and a trip to the old west with the Metaphor Kid, then sit back and get an earful of this!Oleh Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast
Ever wondered what Bez from the Happy Mondays has been putting his talents to? Or the best way to do nude portraiture? Or what's the most organic dinner solution? Or what the latest reality TV show will be? Then you're in the right place! Sit back, relax and let the answers dance across the airwaves to your ears.…
Got a writing implement based problem, but don't know who to call? Fear not! The Ink-credible Penman is here! As are some competitive doctors, crazy conspiracy theorists and a couple of ziggurat sales persons. Just another dull day in lockdown...Oleh Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast
What happens at Horror Villain self help groups? Can paramedics save lives on the cheap? What would a middle class charity appeal sound like? What does Tom Hiddleston really sound like? What are all the stations between Hatfield and King's Cross? And is there something important that Bono and The Edge have forgotten? Find out right now by listening…
Season 4 kicks up with a bumper episode of brand new sketches. We've got everything from sodding hobbits to daft kiddie craft, disgruntles wizards, confused columnists, dire dating, a woman who has it all and a miserable Dark Lord. Yeah, in your face, Pandemic!Oleh Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast
Season 3 Closes with a Zombie apocalypse, Welsh Irish women, a soothing trip around the unexploded device museum, a gentle police interrogation and injury lawyers for toffs, all sprinkled with chats to the lovely writers and performers.Oleh Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast
How do you buy your own castle? What's the best way to take your standup routine to a comedy festival? How do you get rid of sofa surfing superheroes? How do you make your female characters more convincing? We have the answers! Join us as we listen to some cracking sketches and chat to some of the writers and performers who created them. Especially…
It's a spooky Halloween Compilation with bullet proof vampire piranha bats, evil mobile libraries, disgruntled witches, Mad Scientists and bilious zombies. It's a scream! Also starring Dan Willis and Barnaby Edwards, who Nick forgot to mention in the credits, cos he's a bit forgetful sometimes.Oleh Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast
It's a very special episode, showcasing the work of some of our writers around the country. We've got cheeky exorcisms, a house party for screwed up deities, a hopeless robbery, a crime fighting granny, little piggies and the best thing since... well, you know.Oleh Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast
We've got wizened witches snogging, crap reporters, social distancing at the swimming pool, a threesome with Adam, Eve and God, and dubious double acts. All that plus an interview with their creators, the brilliant Phil Nice and Martin Hyder.Oleh Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast
This week we meet and enjoy the work of Simon Littlefield, the writer who gave us CatEnders, nonsensical wizards, foul-mouthed tortoises, pompous poetry and Dada-esque kittens. Oh yes, and he wrote for BBC Radio 4's NewsQuiz for 17 years, too.Oleh Release The Clowns Sketch Comedy Podcast
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