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How we give AND receive feedback and/or advice is extremely important, especially in a leadership role. I also share from the book No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention about how Netflix uses this principle and why it’s been a critical contributing factor to their astronomical success. How can you apply this to […]…
It can be easy to become overwhelmed when we project into the future (never a good thing.) When our son Otis was born, I, of course, was overjoyed. But then a fear sprung up; how am I going to effectively run my business when I’m also the stay-at-home dad? In this episode, I share how […]Oleh Podcast Episodes | Kris Pavone
“How’s this guy so happy all the time?” That’s what a friend and listener of the show asked me. I took that question and made it the show topic for this episode. In it, I give some practical reasons as to why I’m “so dang happy.” Maybe some of these suggestions will benefit you, too.Oleh Podcast Episodes | Kris Pavone
After a hiatus, The Kris Pavone Show is back! In this episode, I discuss what I’ve been up to since the last episode (a lot has happened!), and in our Main Event, we look at the difference between being an owner and a blamer, and how this simple distinction makes all the difference in how […]Oleh Podcast Episodes | Kris Pavone
I am a man of action; I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. It causes me more pain to NOT do something that needs to get done than it does to do it. However, there are some minor things, even dumb things, that I put off. Why is that? I don’t know.Oleh Podcast Episodes | Kris Pavone
I believe it’s a spiritual principle that when being sincere, you can’t give away more than you receive. Try it out. Try and out-give, out serve and love more than the people around you and see if you don’t get more in return. But to be able to come from that place, you need to […]Oleh Podcast Episodes | Kris Pavone
Sometimes it’s essential to pause and recognize the important people in our lives that have been the most influential. In this episode, my wife Rachael joins me as we shine the spotlight on our parents, what we’ve learned from them and our first time meeting each others family.Oleh Podcast Episodes | Kris Pavone
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