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Welcome to the DELPHIAN REALM Podcast Fearlessly delving deeper and darker into the unexplained, the supernatural and down right creepy mysteries most are too afraid to even whisper. MEET YOUR CO-HOSTS: Leslie Cottle, a native of Montreal, Quebec and Lillis Lindsley, an American living in Scotland. Both have extensively researched many mysteries, legends, myths and history dating back to antiquity but have both focused much of their time on the many fascinating layers of facts, tall tales, h ...
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Episode 1 of Delphian Realm Podcast is titled Darker Side Of Rennes Le Chateau. Your Hosts Leslie Cottle and Lillis Lindsley have a great show for you. They are both seasoned researchers of all things mysterious, paranormal, esoteric, and forbidden history. They will be delving deeper and darker into the strange happenings of a very obscure enigmat…
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