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Just a reminder, this is comedy... On this week's episode Hank and Kevin are talking about that one time that one airplane carrying members of that one rugby team crashed into that one mountain in the Andes. It's a famous story of a plane ride turning into an unexpected MisAdventure that most would not have the will to survive. This weeks humor com…
Season five kicks off with a doozey! Hank is joined by his indoorsy friend Kevin to talk a little bit about some unfortunate food poisoning experiences and then unpack an explosive and rather unexpected story of a Walrus, Thor, celebrating the New Year in a small seaside UK town. You'll learn things about Walrus's, horses and squirrels that you nev…
On this, our final episode of season 4, Hank is joined by his buddy Jake to talk about the many reasons winter is a good time to get outside, vacation constipation, overcoming poop shyness, Hank's cold and a myriad of other nonsense. Happy New Year! Enjoy! See you for SEASON 5!Oleh Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Here's a special edition episode recorded live on the beach, in a wind storm, in Corpus Christi Texas. When cold and wind turned Hank's Red Fishing trip into a "let's drink in the tent" trip, Hank and friends picked up a couple microphones and recorded this episode. Enjoy!Oleh Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Here's a disorganized little ditty that follows no particular pattern and we're all the better for it. Finding elk, not finding deer, soup with Van Gogh and how to survive a nuclear bomb are a handful of the many topics on today's episode. Take off your thinking cap and enjoy!Oleh Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
This week we're discussing some disturbing things about Florida Man's shoplifiting habits and then learnin' all about one of history's greatest inventions. It's an episode YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS! Turn it up and hang on! And we end with one of Hank's fave HILLFOLK NOIR songs! Enjoy!Oleh Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
This week Hank is on what can best be described as a rant about errant golf balls, rocks on freeways and taking personal responsibility. After that tirade we're talking about animals seeing the world in slow motion. Enjoy! And APOLOGIES to all our GOLFER listeners.Oleh Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
If you ever wanted random, half researched, possibly correct, maybe incorrect information about how to best use your bear spray, this is the episode for you. We'll talk Bear Spray holsters, spray painting antlers and plenty of other nonsense on another amazing episode! Enjoy!Oleh Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
It's Season Four! The season where we learn some junk. Some completely useless, some mostly useless and all pretty dang funny. We kick the season off with this... Mountain cats murdering Elk on front porches and a deep dive into the subject of drinking your urine to survive an emergency outdoor situation. Enjoy!…
Season three is coming to a close with Hank finally telling some stories about his 2021 trip to Alaska's Bristol Bay. Sit back, relax, have a beverage and enjoy this episode all about boy bands, Justin Timberlake, the seasons first snow, grizzly bears, grizzly bears and salmon. Enjoy!Oleh Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
This one has everything you'd ever want in a podcast - sharks, bears, smash mouth, fish pageants, food poisoning, dirt roads and some survival tips for those who are lost and refuse to admit to being lost. Turn off your brain and turn up the volume. Enjoy!Oleh Travis Swartz & Hank Patterson
Here's a super chill episode all about the super chill island vibes Hank immersed himself in while visiting the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It's a stress free episode all about being stress free. It's an episode about Hank's favorite things to do while in Kauai and all about the amazing and kind people who live and work there. It's also a crazy long …
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