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At each of the shows on Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince’s record breaking 2016 UK tour, the audience would tweet Robin with questions to be sprung on Brian during the second act. These podcasts are made up of a handpicked collection of the questions and answers from all the shows. Part of the Cosmic Shambles network.
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With the help of Robin Ince, Professor Brian Cox tackles more audience questions. He talks about the biggest question in physics, the nature of dark energy, running about with poles light years in length, climate change and winding up flat earthers. This week's questions come from shows in York and Birmingham.…
In episode 2 Brian and Robin are joined by a very special guest, fellow particle physicist and Brian's regular co-author, Professor Jeff Forshaw. Recorded live from the shows in Preston and Reading they tackle questions of dark energy, the weight of the world, staring out of a black hole and more.
In the first episode of this brand new series, we present a selection of the questions posed to Professor Brian Cox from the audience, via Robin Ince, from the first two weeks of the tour. There's queries about quarks, the age of the universe and plenty more. This podcast was recorded live from the shows in Manchester and Newcastle.…
Professor Brian Cox, OBE, the presenter of the hugely popular BBC2 series Wonders of the Solar System, appeared at the Apple Store in Covent Garden on 17th November 2010 to talk about his book, which accompanied the series. Professor Cox was interviewed with BBC Radio 6 Music DJ Shaun Keaveny.
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