Spring Into Action


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Hey Hey Hey, Shit to Say Listeners! How y’all been? What’s happening? What’s on your mind? Let us know and I promise we’ll chat about it. You know what to do: shittosaypodcast@gmail.com

Shall we begin on the first ramble of Spring? Here we go!

  • It really is time for many of us to spring forward. Literally! Spring into action even if it’s a micro action. There is something you’ve been wanting to do, say, peek at, or experience for a loooong time. New gig? New partner? New village? Lose a pound? Lose a loser/toxic person? I just betcha you’re ready for something a little different. And we are ready for YOU to try something different. `Cause whatcha ain’t gonna do is keep showing up with the same tired fears, cloaked in layers of excuses, and complaining about why you cannot get shit accomplished. Do.Some.Thing. Most of us are afraid of mega change. The courageous will change anyway.
  • If you owe someone money or a response or a favor, pay them! You have the time to do what you said you would. Yes you do. If you do not have all the money you borrowed right now, pay that person something. Follow through.
  • Again…At least I think this is an ‘again’ comment: Don’t be a taker only. We’re on the cusp of graduation, vacation, and wedding seasons. Please do not reach out to people you hardly speak to and ask them for a gift or donation. You gonna get all the side eyes and smirks and an extended question mark face if you just send me your or your kid’s CashApp handle. Quit expecting others to fund your events that have been on the calendar since last year.
  • If you choose to spring clean at this time, don’t forget to hit those grimy light switches and door knobs. Especially if you’re a petty thief…it’s too easy for the coppers to lift your prints from those switches.
  • Wash your hands. Please. Thanks.
  • Help your friends that mix up using ‘quite’ when it should be ‘quiet.’ This affects me the same way that L in salmon does.
  • On to the positives…Because: Balance!

** I don’t care much about your political affiliation but I do care that you find the importance of a Black woman being nominated to the Supreme Court. Congrats Justice Jackson. I like the sound of that.

** If you’re not following Jason Banks Comedy on IG or YouTube, you’re missing out. I die laughing daily only to be resurrected by one more video of his. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zWRePcMD4U

** Give Mented Cosmetics a whirl. It’s Black-owned and pretty dope. Of course, I only wear mascara because I never could color in the lines. Me applying real makeup would be Barnum & Bailey’s Greatest Clown Misses. I’d look horrid. https://www.mentedcosmetics.com/

Anyhoo, the point of this episode is to encourage you to do something that you thought you couldn’t or lie to yourself and say you do not have time for. I’m springing into water aerobics classes this week. I took such a class as an undergrad (big ups & Happy Birthday to Trish Maguire), and loved it. Have a great week & do something that’s great…but not creepy. Oh…And Happy Siblings Day!

You already know I do not own the rights to the music or art. Cheers!

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