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Howdy Hey, WGSTS Listeners! Thanks for being here. This episode is rant-laced and maybe a little controversial, so hold tight to your britches (if you’re one who dons such clothing)! Please, please feel free to comment at Feel free to share and have some dialogue with the peeps in your life. The title of this episode and post was going to be America Is Trash buuuuuttt… folks are sensitive.


I am all about independence. Not necessarily the holiday called Independence Day but definitely independence from certain ideas, beliefs, people, and behavior. Independence from “the culture” is big for me. Hearing the following, and other similar, phrases are quite unsettling:

“Do it for the culture!” “Gotta stay hustling!” “I stay grinding!” “I gotta get ahead!” Why are these phrases and mindsets unsettling? you ask. First let me say that I sorta get it. I understand hard work and working hard for achievement. What’s unsettling is in doing that grind and hustle to excess leaves us feeling empty and depleted, and impacts our whole health.

It really is okay to get some independence from the rat race and hustle and grind and rigamarole. Take a break from people-pleasing and relationship hoarding. Let go of the trash ass folks with trash ass attitudes in your life. Give it a whirl and see if you feel better. Send an update should you feel so inclined.

Coming soon are collaborations with a sassy smart woman who’ll have a podcast called “Girl, we don’t care!” and my dear friend scooping out advice on how us middle-aged beauties can be more healthy one meal at a time.

Meanwhile, try these recommendations:

Please be safe, hydrated, moisturized (including your lips) and aware out there. Check on your pals and be nice to one another. We do not own the rights to the art or music.


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