You Can Decide Your Legacy


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"Josiah…did not turn away from doing what was right." 2Ch 34:1-2 NLT
When Josiah became king, he cleansed Israel of
idolatry and began rebuilding the temple. That's when
a priest discovered some long-lost scrolls containing
God's Word. As Josiah heard what they said, he was
deeply moved upon realizing his people had drifted far
from God. So he sent word to the prophetess Huldah
asking what would become of the people. She told
him that since he had repented when he heard God's
Word, his nation would be spared while he lived (See
V. 14-27). An entire generation received grace
because of the integrity of one man. And that one man
had a lot to overcome. Josiah's grandfather,
Manasseh, was like the Hitler of the Old Testament.
He filled Jerusalem "from one end to the other with...
blood" (2Ki 21:16 NLT). And Josiah's father died at the
hands of his own officers. "He did what was wrong,
most likely reads his epitaph. Josiah was only eight
when he ascended the throne. Immediately he chose
righteousness and didn't stop doing what was right all
his life. What's the point? You can't pick your parents,
but you can pick your role models. You can't change
vour past, but vou can rise above it. Your parents may
have given you your DNA, but Jesus will give you a
new beginning. "Follow God's example, therefore, as
dearlv loved children" (Eph 5:1 NIV). Your past doesn't
have to be your prison. You have a say in your life, you
have a voice in your destiny, and you have a choice in
the path you take. So choose well, and someday-
generations from now-others will thank God for your
You can't change your past, but you can rise above it.

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