What They Don't Tell You About Starting A Business Partnership


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“Being able to really make decisions in accordance with my soul and my intuition as opposed to what is ‘logical’ — that’s when I really started to see growth in my business.”

- Andrea Henry

They say two heads are better than one — but what does that mean for a professional partnership?

In this episode, I sit down with Andrea Henry and Irena Brooks, two incredible lawyers who help individuals and business owners at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey build wealth with confidence. After growing their own successful legal careers separately, Irena and Andrea teamed up to launch Henry Brooks LLP, a WOC-owned firm that pairs legal insight with business instinct. Listen now to learn about their journey to merge their firms and what they’ve learned along the way!

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌ ‌

  • How they knew when they were ready to begin hiring full-time employees
  • Why they decided to join forces to launch their firm and the challenges they faced
  • The big hires and systems that they put in place to facilitate growth

About Guests: Andrea Henry is a Cambridge-educated lawyer with over a decade of experience. Having seen way too many entrepreneurs taking unnecessary risks and not going after killer opportunities because they didn't have the right legal advice, she started her firm, Henry Business Law and her e-commerce contract template site, TheSecureStartup.ca. Irena Brooks is an American-trained real estate lawyer who decided to return home to Toronto in 2014 to commence her Canadian legal career. She is skilled in completing real estate transactions, advocating for her clients in court, and representing them in administrative law matters.


00:01 Intro

02:22 Meet Andrea Henry

05:09 Meet Irena Brooks

08:21 Challenges & tipping points

12:01 Creating a partnership

17:41 Systems & hires

21:34 Marketing

24:26 What would they do differently?

29:48 What they know now

33:22 What’s next?


Andrea Henry & Irena Brooks


Instagram: @andreahenry.lawyer, @brookslawpc

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