The Russia-China Bromance . . . "Blue Light Specials" On the Russian Oil Market . . . The Latest 10 Foot Tall Enemy . . . Russia's Need for Elbow Room . . . China Offers Vague Promises--Not Much Else


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Adam and Jeff put on their "geopolitical thinking caps" to discuss the latest "alliance of everlasting friendship" between Russia and China--which will probably last until lunchtime tomorrow. Russia's reliance on exports of gas and oil to keep its economy afloat has likened more than one person to refer to it as "a gas station with nuclear weapons." Developing countries that borrow money from China find that the Gambino Family may have been a more benevolent lender. Russian soldiers are finding that their forced vacations in Ukraine are not up to typical Club Med standards. Putin plans to annex parts of Ukraine he does not control and then, maybe, all of South America. Russia, which covers 1/6th of the world's land, whines about the need to control bordering countries (which are smaller than most states in the United States) in order to bolster its security. China offers its typical rousing support for Putin's adventures in Ukraine by not saying anything about Ukraine or actually doing anything to help boost the Russian military fortunes in Ukraine. Russia wins in incurring more casualties in seven months in Ukraine than the United States suffered in a decade of combat in Vietnam. Xi and Putin both seem to be very happy to have their picture taken together even though the historical enmity between their respective countries suggest that they are in a celibate marriage of convenience. Because Russia will likely be an international pariah for as long as Putin is in power, Putin may consider changing his name to Kandi Khardashian.

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