The midterm red wave becomes a red puddle. . . . Joe Biden brings a refreshing new view of constitutionality to the executive branch. . . .The dangers of inflation and hyperinflation and having to break a $100 billion bill.


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In their detailed post-midterm election analysis, Adam and Jeff conclude that not much changed except that the two parties traded a few seats and the GOP got to pick better parking spaces in the House parking garage. Although tens of billions of dollars were spent and the GOP took control of the House, Jeff thought that the return of political gridlock would be a positive development as it might lead to an absence of new government programs. Noted election analyst and occasional Omaha Bugle contributor Josef Stalin points out that all of this election spending is misplaced because it is far more important to count the votes than to be the one who gets the most votes. President Biden is given some credit for thinking outside of the box and the bounds of the U.S. Constitution for his arguably illegal effort to wipe out hundreds of billions of dollars of student debt with the stroke of a pen. He also gets kudos for pointing out that he cannot guarantee he can get rid of inflation unless Congress passes a new $10 trillion Super-Duper Inflation Elimination Act which will get rid of the problem altogether by making inflation illegal. Adam and Jeff consider the problem of hyperinflation and the issues that arise when you have to get change for your $100 billion dollar bill to feed the parking meter. Also considered by our correspondents is the bankruptcy of FTX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Although Binance, another leading exchange, offered to buy out FTX (presumably using more cryptocurrency instead of cold hard cash), the deal fell through; this event prompted Jeff to propose that he and Adam mint their own "Von Romer" cryptocurrency so that they can become metaverse billionaires overnight.

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