How Many Attorneys Does It Take to Change A Lightbulb? . . .Who "Killed" Ivana Trump? . Who Should Put a Value on Commercial Property? . . . Are Coffins the Best Place to Hide Classified Documents? . . .


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In deference to Jeff's background as an attorney, Adam does his part to bolster the image of the profession by pulling up attorney jokes off the internet. Jeff and Adam discuss many of the bizarre conspiracy theories that have cropped up about the death of Ivana Trump and wonder if there are better places to store classified documents than a New Jersey golf course. They also wonder if you can get a tax break by burying your family members in your front yard and, more importantly, how many ex-wives you would have to bury around a golf course to be classified as a tax-exempt cemetery. In considering the controversy of Trump's valuation of his real estate properties, Jeff and Adam point out that it is up to the banks making the loans to order appraisals and do whatever due diligence they need in order to decide whether to make the loans; the New York State Attorney's office (surprise! surprise!) is not typically viewed as an authority on real estate values.

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