How an Introvert Manifested Her Way from Janitor to Media & Brand Strategist–Faith McKinney


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She wanted to go to college to be an Interior Designer. But Faith McKinney’s dad saw no value in that and said he wouldn’t pay for college if she pursued it. He told her to go to college for business instead. She did and dropped out.

Listen in as Faith McKinney tells Jonaed about how manifestation helped her to break out of her introverted-shell and go from working as a janitor to sales, becoming a personal brand and media strategist and interviewing celebrities like Mike Pence, Kirk Franklin and many others.


  • 0:00 Episode Intro
  • 1:00 Faith's intro
  • 2:15 What was high school like for you?
  • 7:39 This is how I got over Impostor Syndrome
  • 9:17 Jobs: Where you wanna be?
  • 13:00 How did you go by learning?
  • 14:03 How did you get momentum?
  • 15:50 Mistakes Faith made for you to learn from (Yes guys it's with you)
  • 17:20 Hardest period of Faith's life
  • 21:35 The Power of podcast
  • 23:09 Biggest accomplishment
  • 25:32 Biggest career accomplishment
  • 26:57 You interviewed Dan Rather, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!
  • 29:37 OH WAIT!!!
  • 30:23 How did u get better at interviewing?
  • 31:35 Stigma because you were a Janitor?
  • 33:00 Your point of view of working as Janitor
  • 34:45 You had a kid at your early 20's, any advice for the audience?
  • 36:10 Some advice for the younger you?
  • 36:56 Tools for networking?
  • 37:44 Have you ever felt insecure about not having a college degree?
  • 38:34 What helped u to get over of not having a college degree?
  • 39:40 Special advice from Faith
  • 40:10 How to contact with Faith McKinney?

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