#163 - Simon Hill: Plant-Based Diets, Evolutionary Nutrition, Gluten & Grains, Antinutrients & Lectins, Interpreting Nutritional Studies, Cholesterol & Heart Disease, Nitrates & Nitrites, And More!


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13:15 - Simon's Background

18:00 - Is There One Right Diet?

20:20 - How Plant Based Should We Be?

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31:00 - How Best To Interpret Types Of Studies

34:40 - How Long Is A Long Term Study?

39:00 - Saturated Fat And Cholesterol

43:00 - An Evolutionary Diet Vs An Optimized Diet

46:20 - Longevity And Procreation

47:10 - Our Inherent Intuition For Nourishing Foods

49:15 - Liver & Broccoli

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53:20 - Antinutrients

1:00:20 - Grains And Gluten

1:04:30 - TMAO

1:08:00 - HDL

1:10:20 - Raising And Lowering Lipids With Diet

1:17:55 - Forming Plaques From High Levels Of Cholesterol

1:21:30 - CAC Scans

1:25:00 - Nitrates And Nitrites

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