#162 - Danny Grannick (Bristle): The Oral Microbiome, Bristle Testing, Oral Vs. Gut Microbiome, Probiotics For Your Mouth , Fluoride Efficacy & Safety, Flossing & Electric Toothbrushes, Reversing Cavities, And More!


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13:00 - Danny's Background

16:50 - Danny's Personal Oral Hygiene Habits

18:55 - The History And Research In Oral Health

21:30 - Red & Orange Complex

23:45 - Bacteria And Its Relationship To Oral Disease

29:00 - What Bristle Tests For

31:10 - Publishing Clinical Literature

32:30 - The Range Of Results

35:20 - Implications Of Diversity In The Biome

37:55 - Is There Overlap In Species In Oral And Gut Microbiomes?

40:00 - How Many Species Are In The Gut?

40:20 - What Types Of Organisms Inhabit Our Oral Microbiome?

41:00 - What Determines Our Biome Make Up?

43:05 - How Quickly Can It Change?

48:30 - Transient And Colonized Bacteria

51:10 - What Is The Method Of Transit?

52:55 - Can You Reset The Oral Microbiome? What Happens?

56:55 - Fermented Foods

57:40 - Dental Carries

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1:06:40 - Do Cavities Always Indicate Disease?

1:12:45 - How Fast Does Bacteria Begin To Effect The Teeth?

1:13:40 - Should You Brush Immediately After Eating?

1:15:25 - Nitrates, Nitrites, Nitrosamine

1:17:10 - The Bristle Program

1:19:10 - The Importance Of Flossing

1:22:05 - Electric Toothbrushes

1:25:00 - How Often Should We Replace Our Toothbrushes?

1:27:30 -The Bristle Results

1:31:30 - Is There Any Downsides To Getting Fillings?

1:33:00 - The Bristle Recommendations

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1:37:15 - Fluoride Efficacy And Safety

1:43:15 - One On One Consultations With Bristle Experts

1:45:00 - What Is The Future Of Bristle?

1:48:00 - HSA And FSA Eligibility

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