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Hi, I'm Emma Martin, the Lazy Keto Mum, Low Carb Nutritionist and Mentor. What you have been told about food, the food pyramid and nutrition is incorrect. Our "diet" is making us sick, fat and tired. Its leading to an epidemic of illness, terrible metabolic health and diabetes.I got pretty passionate about sharing this discovery, and have been able to help so many others change their wellbeing and health.In 2021 I wrote a book called The F Word, Confessions of a Cheesecake Lover - that became an Amazon best-seller in 69 categories.My book is a collection of hints and tips for anyone struggling with processed food, sugar, lack of willpower, guilt cycles, yo-yo dieting, increasing waistline, mood, focus or energy.This podcast comes from my desire to teach you how to stop the food hunts, kick your cravings, to teach you the mistruths about food that we've been told, to correct the lies we were fed about fat and help you never fall off another diet.Ever. Yes really.Have a listen and feel free to share with a friend.I am passionate about spreading the word about helping people lose belly fat, reverse diabetes, balance blood sugar and help people understand why they are struggling.Within a few weeks of getting off sugar, toxic seed oils and processed food, I felt unbelievably good - I was bouncing out of bed. Not only did it cut my cravings, it changed my relationship with food, myself and my daughter. You can too. For more information:

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