292. Psychology and The Garden of Eden | Matthieu Pageau


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Matthieu Pageau and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson discuss the meaning of mythos. They draw parallels to the Bible as they discuss Adam and Eve, how their story relates to psychology, and its parallels to modern human behavior.

Matthieu Pageau is a Canadian author living in Quebec. For over a decade he’s taken part in discussions regarding religious philosophy and symbolism with his brother and icon carver Jonathan Pageau. This led him to write his first novel: “The Language of Creation: Cosmic Symbolism: A Commentary”


For Matthieu Pageu

(Book) The Language of Creation: Cosmic Symbolism: A Commentary



(0:00) Coming Up

(0:53) Intro

(3:44) Logos: a Top Down System

(11:41) Heaven, Earth, Order, Chaos

(16:20) Union of Meaning and Fact

(22:00) Adam and Eve, Opposites by Design

(29:00) The Talking Snake

(35:00) Newton V. Einstein

(40:25) Something Above the Head

(47:04) Inedible Fruit, Totalitarian Sin

(54:19) The Nature of Sin, Fractal Patterns

(1:02:10) Tetramorphic Cherubs

(1:12:00) The Flaming Sword That Turns on Itself

(1:17:13) The Adversary That Loves You

(1:27:25) Pageau’s Process for Writing

(1:30:30) The Principle of Recursion

(1:40:58) Not All Interpretation is Arbitrary

(1:48:14) The Cycle of Competition

(1:59:47) Jacob and Wrestling the Angel.

(2:02:48) Why Pageau Avoided Academia While Writing

(2:04:37) Women Tend to be Hypergamous


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