Building A Brazilian Jiu Jitzu Nutrition Membership!


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Today's guest on The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast is Brazilian Jiu Jitzu master and macro nutritionist Jermey DePrato! In today's interview, Shane helps Jeremy plan out what his core membership content will look like, overcome the fear that he will not be able to grow an audience because he is an introvert, and leverage his existing offline relationships with BJJ gym owners to find the first members of his site! Learn how to leverage offline relationships to build your membership! What You'll Learn: Using the opportunity in your circumstances. (2:20) How do we get more people into your membership? (6:15) Overcoming the curse of knowledge. (13:00) Show Notes Jeremy DePrato’s background is in information technology (IT) has been working in IT for about 20 years. Around 10 years ago Jeremy Brazilian Jujitsu and in 2017 he began doing Jujitsu competitively. When people noticed how much weight he had lost they want his helped - so he did so for free. Then he started getting real clients to use the money to fund his competitions. With the COVID-19 pandemic many of the Jujitsu competitors are out of shape and getting down in the dumps. Jeremy thinks this is an opportunity to help these competitors and make an income doing so! Using the opportunity in your circumstances. The thing we love most about Jeremy’s membership is that he is not allowing COVID-19 to crush his online business but using it as opportunity to serve! It is serving the people that are not only his clients but people everywhere through his online community! How do we get more people into your membership? Jeremy’s domain name ( is great because a lot of people teach macros but his membership is specifically for what he teaches, what his members are needing. It’s easy to target, he’s speaking their language, it very clear! Then, we can start expanding out and getting people that maybe aren’t into Jujitsu involved and using his membership for the macros he teaches. Overcoming the curse of knowledge. Right now Jeremy’s biggest struggle is not knowing how to expand his content, he is very narrow-focused. Sometimes the curse of knowledge is having a direct answer and sometimes even speaking very bluntly. We can see how Jeremy being an IT person and an introvert could struggle with this - but it’s certainly not impossible to overcome! What are your next steps? Create a framework for his blog posts. The airplane checklist is there so the plane doesn’t crash. Work on getting some core content courses created (5-7 quick courses). Find out where his perfect avatar hangs out right now and put his membership in front of them. Using a Dream 100 strategy find the 10 most populated Facebook groups about Brazilian Jujitsu and connect with the owners. Create an affiliate program in Kajabi. Reach out to gym owners. Create a sales funnel. Find us on: Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube Facebook Twitter The Official Flipped Lifestyle Podcast Facebook Group Join the Flip Your Life Community! We would love to have you as a member of The Flip Your Life Community! We believe you have God-give talents and experiences you can use to start an online business! All you need is 100 people to pay you $50/m online to make $5,000/m, $60,000/y! Let us help you start build and grow a membership of your own. We offer a 30-day FREE trial to all new members. Click here to learn more:

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