The Busy Mom Rx To Planning Her Week for Success With Less Stress


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BEST tip for less stress throughout the week is to PLAN! I’m NOT saying plan every minute detail and minute of you week, but simply taking 30 mins to plan the areas of your week that cause you the most stress will significantly improve the way your week flows. For me that includes a few things: 1. DINNERS. After a long day with the kids and/or work the LAST thing I want to think about is what to cook. If I leave it up to guess work spending money on take out and often more calories/unhealthy fats which don't help you achieve your goals if you do this too often. If I take a little time on a Sunday or Monday to prep and plan (also saves $$$ on groceries and dining out/take out as much) 2. Work time. I don’t need a lot of time to work my business, but again if I leave it up to guess work even that hour a day that I DO need can get lost in the shuffle. Sitting down to plan around my kids/husbands schedule where I can fit my work time in helps me make it a priority AND make sure it gets done! 3. CHORES. What house chores stress you out? Maybe think about doing them on designated days so you don’t end up with them all piled up at the same time. For me its laundry is a load or two each day. Bathrooms are on Mondays, etc.... 4. FUN! Sounds silly, but planning in some FUN activities to look forward to throughout the week (both for you and the kids) helps the week go by with something to look forward to! Too often the responsibilities overtake joy so making sure you plan the FUN in is key! What are the things that you could start taking time to plan that would help your week run a little more smoothly? #failtoplanplantofail

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