Quick Tip Tuesday - 3 Ways To Identify If You Are You Tying Your Self Worth To Your Results?


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Are you tying your self worth to the results you are or are not achieving? Are you struggling in the reverse diet or maintenance phase of your nutrition or are you completely avoiding those phases because of x? X being a reason or fear due to not visually seeing results that you feel get you to your goal visually, when ultimately this is exactly what you need to do to get there but maintain them while learning to eat more while doing so and feeling AMAZING in the process!! 1.) Do you spend a lot of time what you should eat, how should you move, what angle to stand for the picture, what clothes will make you look the most slim INSTEAD of know WHY you are in this phase and HOW it will effect the long term game of your goals and life 2.) Are you hyper focused on what you look like now, vs being excited and proud of the work you are putting in to get to the place you know will change your life & be the results and lifestyle you always dreamed of having just never found a way to get there and stay there. 3.) Are you truly missing the moments with your kids and spouse because you find you are self loathing in doubt and fear of being stuck in this body you have now? A crazy wild & full life is waiting for you girl! You just have to stop the fad diets, the restrictions and truly have a plan that is lined out for your metabolism & goals! A plan that evaluates your metabolism for where it is currently and jump into what phase is needed for your metabolism and goals to progress you forward to build the life and body you desire with NO restrictions and while living life large!!! IT can be done! I work with clients daily that are doing exactly this NOW and let me tell you their life is full of so much more joy, happiness, confidence & peace then before! You can do this too!!

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