# 192 - How To Get A Six Figure Salary Increase During Your Career Change With Scott Barlow


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In today’s episode, I am talking how to change career and get a six-figure salary increase in the process with my guest Scott Barlow.
We discuss Scott's very impactful career journey. After taking a role that seemed perfect to everyone else but was far from perfect from him, Scott spent 10 years researching what it takes to build fulfilling careers. Scott shares those insights through his podcast, coaching programs and more recently through his "Happen To Your Career" book.
What You Will Learn:
1. Create the ideal career profile
- When you identify what you want and what you don't want in your career, you can then align those desires with what you value. An aligned career will lead to an increased level of output.
2. Changing career and increase your salary - It is possible to make a career change and keep the same salary. How you enter the career change is very important. Disregard any organisations that are not offering you what you want. Once you found an organisation you want to work for, get to a situation where the organisation loves you or can't imagine not having you on the team. Then, you are in a good place to start your negotiation.
3. Effectively negotiate - Gather information, build relationships and partner with them so that you can come up with a solution that is a win/win for both sides.
Connect with Scott : Website I LinkedIn
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