5 Tips To Lead Like A Navy SEAL In Any Setting | Dan Luna


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In today’s episode, we cover leadership and motivation with Dan Luna. Dan formed 3LX Consulting in 2019 to empower leaders through coaching products that combine academics, consulting, and coaching, after a twenty-year career in the United States Navy SEAL Teams.

Leadership is a skill that requires conscious effort to develop, but how do we define leadership, what daily practices can you utilize to improve your leadership, and what can you do to lead and motivate your team to achieve their potential?

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • What does leadership mean to a Navy SEAL?
  • Leadership Skill Transference – 10:42
  • How do you transfer your leadership skills from one area of your life to another?
  • What can you do to develop self-awareness so you know where you are lacking when it comes to leadership?
  • How to Start Journaling for Leadership Development – 30:51
  • What can you do start journaling from a leadership perspective to develop your leadership skills?
  • How do You Motivate Other Leaders – 43:10
  • How do we define motivation so we are better able to motivate other leaders and team members?
  • What areas can we highlight for team members to help them uncover the motivation to achieve their goals?
  • What can you do to give great feedback people will listen to?

Leaders are not born but they are made. You can become a better leader by taking the time to journal your thoughts and experiences from a leadership perspective. This will help you develop an understanding for what motivates you and how you can motivate others. When it comes to giving feedback, make sure that you take the time to understand the person’s perspective before offering any criticism. Feedback is most effective when it is specific, actionable, and positive.

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