S2E07 Are eating disorders common in people with diabetes?


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Let's take a deep breath and talk about it - this is a hard one. We know that depression and anxiety are far more prevalent in people with diabetes, but does this extend to eating disorders too? We speak to intuitive eating counsellor Gayle Landau about her experiences with diabetes and eating disorders - why they are so common, how to spot the warning signs, and what to do to help someone with diabetes who is struggling with an eating disorder. We also hear from Elre Clarence, who is living with Type 1 and recovering from an eating disorder. Diabetes may predispose us to disordered eating - food rules, diet culture and being on a restrictive diet can set us up for failure because it causes anxiety around eating. This is a thoughtful, kind conversation about how diabetes affects the way we feel about food. Intuitive Eating: creating a relationship between food, mind and body. · Weight neutral for diabetes care: weight-inclusive education and training. · Dr Michelle May: author of 'Eat What you Love, Love what you Eat'.

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