"Won't Fool Me Twice"


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What else needs to occur in order for those that profess independence to choose a side regarding what is happening within the political arena-SOCIETY?
Legislation being proposed and legislative acts being implemented at the state level, the decisions and blatant attempts at legislating from federal benches, the less than veiled attempts to intimidate and obstruct the will of the people by those elected to represent- should surely be enough for those purported to be straddling the fence to make a conscious decision and end their SILENCE!

Your silence has prevailed Thus, I am left to exclaim...You...
"Won't Fool Me Twice"
That is correct. You will not be given the opportunity to again "piss down my neck" and allege that it is merely raining outside.
You know who you are!!
However, in case you do not...I am referring to those that knowingly sit on the sidelines observing what is occurring within society and CHOOSE to remain silent.
Yes, you!
Those who make the occasional charitable contribution that addresses the needs of the less fortunate.
Yes you!
Those who express disdain at the daily racist occurrences...within the confines of your home.
Yes, you!
Those who regale about their independence and may even possess the mindset of one who would lean towards promoting equality.
All of the above while FAILING to do the one thing that could be an immense benefit to the cause- SPEAKING OUT!!!
You fail to speak out against that one person who seeks to promote racist and bigoted ideas and actions within your sphere of influence. You know- the loud obnoxious one who always seems to suck the oxygen out of the gathering by engaging in hate talk and promoting vile actions. Or the one in close proximity who repeatedly slings racial epithets at the child who only seeks to represent their school in an interscholastic endeavor.
Yes, you fail to confront that individual whose sole purpose is to fully exert their right to display their racist beliefs while you exert your independence-in search of a reason to label it as vile and repugnant and SPEAK OUT!
It seems that those who engage in this behavior are fully aware that they will not be challenged.
Why the SILENCE?
I have asked this question several times over the course of my podcast.
I now am left with only one conclusion. Somewhere within the inner recesses of your mind and heart-you condone this behavior and to do anything in an attempt to end it-even speaking out against it-will be in direct opposition to what resides within and will force you to break the rank and file of solidarity.

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