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In case you have not noticed...there is a concerted effort to return US to a time when the questions that I pose in this episode were exactly what those in power expected us to encounter...daily. Each was deemed par for the course.
is my honest attempt to highlight blatant acts of racism that are cast upon MY people. Yes, some people would like to consider them minor inconveniences. Trust me, there is nothing minor about being treated as mere intrusions upon the lives of those that project attitudes of superiority.
If you take note, the music that was chosen to accompany this piece was an intentional attempt to highlight the belief by the supposed "mainstream" that we should just accept these daily occurrences and proceed merrily about our way.
I SHALL NOT. I shall continue to question and challenge those things that I know and perceive to be obvious acts of racism.
NO, not in attempt to create ugly scenes or cause grief for those that MAY mindlessly engage in these acts simply due to unwitting indoctrination. Conversely, i raise my voice in order to highlight specific acts-in REAL TIME. For the sole purpose of informing the willing and unwitting perpetrators about the egregiousness of their actions and to serve notice that they will no longer be tolerated, nor accepted, in silence.


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