"Color Coded"


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The ever present tenuous relationship that exists between blacks and whites is oftentimes only exceeded by the seemingly perpetual internal strife that exists within OUR community.
It seems that the remnants of the punitive disciplinary tools of yesteryear ( See my piece entitled 'Messaging"), combined with the psychological trauma created by pitting us against one another based solely on our concentration of melanation, continues to wreak havoc.
"Color Coded"
is my depiction of a truth that is oftentimes vigorously highlighted by those considered the "mainstream"(Read as White Folk).
We, US...Blacks kill each other.
We kill our longtime neighbors, friends, relatives- oftentimes for the most inane reasons.
Yes, there can be an honest rationale for attempting to attribute it to the "mind rape" that we have experienced and continue to endure.
However, when are we going to free ourselves from the hatred that manifests among us due to the actions of others?
When are we going to realize that with each slaying-we are continuing to unwittingly perpetuate the sinister plot that was established to keep US in a subservient role? Both mentally and physically.
We need to become truly awakened to the fact that with each body, with each display of self hatred we are fortifying our positions as pawns. Thus, in furtherance of their desired goal, insuring their positions as king(s).
Awaken...and STAY WOKE!!

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