Considerations in Expat Healthcare and Health Insurance When Moving to Mexico #299


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In this episode, I want to give you some insight into the health care that is available to you when you move to Mexico. I will discuss high-level health insurance options and decisions you will need to make about Medicare. When you get into health insurance and Medicare there are no RIGHT decisions but there are many shades of grey that you will need to sort out for yourself.

Mexico has 2 healthcare systems, a public and a private. This in many ways is not different than the US where you have public healthcare groups run by the federal, state, or county governments, and you have private company healthcare groups.

The difference is the cost. The US healthcare systems are the most expensive in the world and in my humble opinion are quite broken.

There are 2 YouTube videos that I am going to reference and include in the show notes from QRoo Paul from 2 Expats in Mexico called Public Health Care Options in Mexico and A Look at Private Health Care in Mexico.

I am not going to talk much about the public health care system because even though it is very low cost or free, it has a lot of drawbacks. If you really want to learn more watch QRoo Paul’s YouTube video.

What I am going to talk about is the private healthcare system and the choices you will need to make.

For example, I have no health insurance here in Mexico. My wife and I pay for everything out of pocket. We do however pay into Medicare Part B which we cannot use in Mexico.

Wait a minute. You are probably saying that makes no sense. You have no health insurance that you can use but you pay into a system that you cannot use.

Yes, you heard me right. There are no right decisions and there are a million shades of grey. You have to figure out what works for you based on your physical, mental, and financial health.

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For the full show notes and resources mentioned in the episode click here.

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