What is the difference between flattering and complimenting someone?


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This conversation came down to intention. If you are saying something nice to someone to get some benefit for your self - that is flattery and Mohan Ananda went so far as to say it is fraud.

If you are saying something nice to genuinely make the other person feel good, that is a complement.

Then I had more questions - how do you tell the difference and what do you when you think someone is flattering you?

That answer wasn't quite so clear.

Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA pointed out that some people just aren't good at accepting compliments and may think something is flattery when it is not.

Catherine Fitzgerald added that the better you know someone the easier it is to tell if they are being genuine or just flattering you.

This was an amazingly nuanced conversation and a lot of fun to have.

How do you tell if someone is flattering you and how do you respond if you think they are?

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