Is gossip always bad and to be avoided or is it sometimes useful?


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First we have to decide how to definition gossip.

Does gossip involve simply relaying information that you heard from someone else? Is it only gossip when it involves repeating a rumor that you heard about another person?

And if so, is that always harmful? Can gossip be helpful with the right intention?

When I talk about confidentiality with my clients, I always tell them, “I will keep everything you say to myself unless you threaten to harm yourself or someone else.”

But in the case when I have to share that someone is at risk of hurting themselves, when the purpose is to protect them — is it still gossip?

What is certain about gossip is that it’s compelling. It sucks us in. It speaks to that part of us that loves the train wreck of other people’s lives. And if that’s what fundamentally motivates us to spread gossip, is it really ever good?

I discussed these questions in a fascinating conversation with my guests on this edition of Quick Hits: Induna Advisers founder Stewart Wiggins; life coach and remote operations specialist Sara Oblak Speicher; and wellness consultant Matthew Percia.

How do you define gossip and can it ever be used for good?

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