How do you keep from becoming disheartened when things repeatedly don’t go well?


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Disheartened, dejected, despondent. There are times when it feels like life as a whole is just not working. When I feel like that it gets worse when I start comparing myself to other people.

Why is their life so great? What are they doing right that I’m doing wrong? Why can’t I make this work? Surely this can’t be this hard.

It can spiral into “I’m a failure. Why do I bother.”

Dr Cole Galloway has an interesting strategy. He agrees with the voice in his head and says, “Yeah. You’re right. It’s too hard. You should just quit.”

(Personal note from me to you – if you have suicidal thoughts, do not use this strategy. The voice in your head is not to be trusted. Please seek a more reliable source for context and support. Including messaging me.💛)

This often does one of two things.

You might actually stop doing something that genuinely isn’t working and pivot to something else.

Or you realize the thing is REALLY important to you and you double down to make it work.

Ian Hendry reminded us that looking at how far you’ve come rather than just at how far you still want to go can be super helpful.

Dr Cole asked a great question – HOW? How does that work. How do you not discount your progress?

Dr. Rhonda Bompensa-Zimmerman suggested journalling and shared a story from a journal she recently found while cleaning her office.

My suggestion was to believe other people when they tell you what a great job you are doing rather than discounting it.

How do you keep from becoming disheartened? How can the people around you best help when you do?

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