Episode 95: Is The Word Cult Meaningless?


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Warning: We do talk about some sensitive issues in this episode regarding a few less than savory cults.

Episode 95 of our book read/podcast covering major topics in various fields of psychology moves us into PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION! This summer we are going to discuss religion from a psychological and historical perspective as we investigate the evolutionary origins and modern social systems of religion.

In this episode we discuss CULTS. We begin on the historical meaning and anthropological definition and shift into classic and modern dangerous cults. We also discuss what makes a cult, types of cults, and some history (as much as we can in this one hour discussion). So...what is a cult? does it mean anything in a modern sense? Is there a better word?

PSD Website: https://psychosocialdistancingpodcast.com/

Thomas' Webpage: https://sexography.org/

Thomas' Twitter: https://twitter.com/TBrooks_SexPsy

Daniel's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScienceInChaos

Some Links:

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