Episode 75: Corruption, Precarity, and Schrödinger's Diana w/ Dr. Sinan Alper


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Episode 75 of our book read/podcast covering major topics in various fields of psychology explores yet another mini-series, a flex course on CONSPIRACIES this holiday season, with guests, deep dives and more. In Part V or our conspiracy theory discussion, Daniel and Thomas are joined by Dr. Sinan Alper to talk about cultural differences and conspiracy theories and his paper “There are higher levels of conspiracy beliefs in more corrupt countries”

Dr. Sinan Alper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sinanalper_?lang=en

Website: https://www.sinanalper.net/

PSD Website: https://psychosocialdistancingpodcast.com/

Thomas' Webpage: https://sexography.org/

Thomas' Twitter: https://twitter.com/TBrooks_SexPsy

Daniel's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScienceInChaos

Bias of the Week: Illusory Correlation


Illusory correlation

Chapman & Chapman (1967)

Inaccurately perceiving a relationship between two unrelated events.

Suggested Readings from Dr. Alper:

Adam-Troian, J., Chayinska, M., Paladino, M. P., Uluğ, Ö. M., Vaes, J.,& Wagner-Egger, P. (2021). Of precarity and conspiracy: Introducing a socio-functional model of conspiracy beliefs. https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/mnfrd

Casara, B. G. S., Suitner, C., & Jetten, J. (2022). The impact of economic inequality on conspiracy beliefs. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 98, 104245. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jesp.2021.104245

Troian, J., Wagner‐Egger, P., Motyl, M., Arciszewski, T., Imhoff, R., Zimmer, F., ... & van Prooijen, J. W. (2020). Investigating the links between cultural values and belief in conspiracy theories: The key roles of collectivism and masculinity. Political Psychology. https://doi.org/10.1111/pops.12716

van Prooijen, J. W. (2021). Injustice without dvidence: The unique role of conspiracy theories in social justice research. Social Justice Research, 1-19. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11211-021-00376-x

van Prooijen, J. W., & Douglas, K. M. (2017). Conspiracy theories as part of history: The role of societal crisis situations. Memory Studies,10(3), 323-333. https://doi.org/10.1177%2F1750698017701615

van Prooijen, J. W., & Song, M. (2021). The cultural dimension of intergroup conspiracy theories. British Journal of Psychology, 112(2), 455-473. https://doi.org/10.1111/bjop.12471

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