Episode 100: 12 Rules for Screaming into the Void: An Antidote to Podcasting


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Episode 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of our book read/podcast covering major topics in various fields of psychology and we are taking a break to pull back the curtain on the process and what we have learned in 100 episodes. We had bigger plans, but life happens. More religion, guests, and other things in the works as we push forward!!!

12 Rules for Screaming into the Void:

An Antidote to Podcasting

1. Plan for Planning Fallacy (editing)

2. But Don’t forget to Plan (guests/time zones/planning ahead

3. Time is a construct; record to your heart’s content (Zimbardo/Milgram)

4. Research your guests (big names)

5. Create a Podcast Guest Doc: 1-2 Pages, stay still, be comfortable. Try to avoid guests who might hit a bong or do dishes mid recording

6. Don’t watch your numbers

7. Do it for you

8. Routine is not bad (recurring Qs/Bias of the Week)

9. See old friends and make new ones

10. Clean your room.

11. Don’t Micromanage your Guest; Unless they need you to

12. Fake it till you make it.

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