Following the Rules


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Following rules is important, but we all know that common sense is needed as well. If we all suddenly decided to obey traffic lights only part of the time, the streets would be much more dangerous. Or if we decided to only pay some of our utility bills, the power companies wouldn’t be able to pay their employees, and we would probably be without power for much longer the next time there was an outage. But sometimes, in a moment of crisis, blind compliance can be much worse than breaking the rules.

In this week’s passage, Jesus breaks a rule by healing a woman on the Sabbath. He’s criticized, albeit indirectly, by the religious authorities for the infraction, but he retorts by pointing out how they also bend the rules when they need to. Although this subject seems simple, it’s helpful to consider it more thoroughly since rule-bending can be a slippery slope. How easy is it to go from healing a person on the Sabbath to completely ignoring the Sabbath? Join us this Sunday as we reflect on being disciplined while also being mindful of grace and compassion.

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