Being Shaped by God


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When tragedy strikes, a common question asked is “Why did God do this?” Today’s news reports are filled with stories of violence and tragedy that make some wonder whether God is really in control, or, if so, why God would allow terrible things to happen to good people. Scripture tells us God can cause disaster and provide relief, which leads some to conclude that tragedy only strikes when God intends to inflict punishment.
This week, we will reflect on the writings of the prophet Jeremiah which discussed the tragedies experienced by Judah as it was being invaded by the Babylonians. The Israelites of that time were trying to make sense of the terrible things that were happening, and they wondered why God would allow the temple as well as God’s people to be destroyed. Join us this Sunday as we consider how both the writings of ancient Israel and the teachings of Jesus can help us make at least some sense of the tragedies we see happening today.

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