Growth hacking Indonesia's interbank transfer app: On Call with Flip CEO and co-founder Rafi Putra Arriyan


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We catch up with one of our favourite technical, product-centric founders, Rafi Putra Arriyan (or Ari), CEO and co-founder of interbank transfer platform Flip. In 2015, Ari and his college friends tackled the long-standing issue of high interbank transfer fees in Indonesia. With Ari's product-focus and technical expertise they have since grown the platform to serve 1.7 million Indonesians today. He calls from West Java's Depok City and we talk about, among other things:

  • the classic story of how he and his college friends built an MVP with a Google Form and found PMF in three weeks;
  • Flip's approach to product development as the company aims to go from interbank transfer app to digital bank for Indonesia;
  • his advice for fellow technical founders.

This episode was recorded on Zoom, 25 June 2020.


00:17 Yinglan introduces Ari;

1:20 How Ari met Insignia;

2:15 Why Ari and his college friends started Flip;

4:04 How Ari and his college friends found PMF with a Google Form MVP;

5:32 How Flip has evolved with Indonesia’s financial services sector over the past five years;

6:53 How COVID19 has affected activity and operations on Flip;

9:20 How Flip operates with a digitalising banking sector;

9:56 Flip’s approach to product development;

10:54 Ari’s thoughts on cross-border financial services and transfers;

12:17 One of Flip’s more recent experiments: Flip Instant;

13:38 Ari’s take on upcoming use cases in fintech;

15:06 Ari’s advice for technical founders;

About the guest

Ari started Flip after he and his co-founders spotted an inefficiency in the interbank fund transfers segment in Indonesia. With his product-centric focus and technical background, he has grown Flip to be a platform serving 1.7 million Indonesians today. He believes in using technology to automate manual banking processes and reduce the administrative costs of wire transfer. Ari holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Universitas Indonesia (UI), one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia.


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