Redefining mental health care from Asia to the world: On Call with Intellect CEO and co-founder Theodoric Chew


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To kick off another year of calls, we’re going to start by talking about a topic that has been getting increasing attention recently -- mental health. With people stuck at home and the stigma associated with availing of mental health care especially in Asia, apps and online platforms have emerged to serve as tools for people to better understand their mental well-being and connect with the right professionals.

So to better help us understand the mental health care space, in Asia especially, and how the winds are changing when it comes to the adoption of mental health care services, we're delighted to have oncall mental health company Intellect CEO and founder Theodoric Chew. Intellect is behind the app of the same name that was picked up by Google as one of the best personal growth apps for 2020, and recently reached a million downloads since launching just a few months ago.

Download the app on Google Play or the App Store.



01:19 Theo's entrepreneurial journey before Intellect;

03:29 Main challenges of mental health space in Asia;

05:07 Status quo in accessing mental health care in Asia;

06:34 Motivation for starting Intellect;

07:34 Early adopters of Intellect;

08:51 What users are getting out of Intellect that they aren't anywhere else;

09:51 Role of technology for Intellect;

11:05 Backing the science behind Intellect;

12:14 Long-term target users;

13:06 Typical user journey on Intellect app;

14:24 Surprising insights from Intellect app users;

15:36 Mental health care pain points of enterprises and employees;

17:09 Difference between Intellect's enterprise solution and EAPs;

18:37 Adoption of Intellect's enterprise solution;

20:20 Intellect's plans to keep mental health TOM of employers in 2021

21:51 Mental health and Intellect in the next five years;

23:07 Rapid-fire question round;

About our guest

Theodoric Chew is a serial entrepreneur and startup leader. Prior to founding Intellect, he was with Entrepreneur First where he led marketing and growth, and before this, he was with Rakuten as well, after they acquired, the startup Voyagin. The first startup he founded was a digital media platform which was acquired two years later.


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