E:4 Early Warning Signs of Covid Infections


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In this episode we discuss what to look for in terms of early warning signs that someone has contracted Covid.

We also reviewed the concept of the vaccination being more of an RNA blocker than a true vaccination. RNA is the blueprint (DNA) being carried into a cell for replication. Also covered were the ongoing problems that Covid patients have, such as trouble breathing and brain fog and how to treat them with certain nutrients.

Other symptoms were staying awake, as well as skin discoloration. It was brought up that sometimes there is a blue tint, which raised a little bit of a conversation about “Mr. Smurf,” the man who took too much colloidal silver, which turned his skin blue.

Another discussion centered around the value of experience and wisdom, plus the theory and reality of what works and what does not work in terms of healing.

We also reflected on why some people get sick and others do not, as well as why some have lingering ongoing symptoms and why some die from the disease.

We also addressed lifestyle, suggestions for diet, and the consequences of the American diet. Along the same lines the guides discussed how the body becomes weakened because of poor diet, and how stress also compromises the health and well-being of the body.

We talk about stress and what takes place when that occurs, especially to the adrenal glands. How to fix and nourish the adrenals is also brought to light. Stress is defined, along with examples and the immediate bio-chemical and physiological results when a person experiences it.

We talked about the methods and techniques to discover the roots of what causes you to have stress. Once understood the causes can be eliminated.

The mind is described as a bio-computer, and understanding the energies one has to deal with in terms of lifestyle changes, examining which to give up, and what is and is not beneficial were discussed.

Additionally, another conversation examined the concept of values, standards and ideals and how they affect oneself.

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