E:20  Weight Maintenance – Fat Metabolism


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This week is about fat - the good, the bad and the ugly news about fat.

Learn the important value of cholesterol in weight maintenance. Good cholesterol? Yes, please!

The false sense of "health" we feel when taking prescribed medications.

How the liver contributes to weight gain.

Symptoms of high cholesterol and fat in the body.

Eliminate bruising and nosebleeds with a Vitamin C Complex.

The guides reveal two Universal Teachings related to weight gain:

  1. “Excess leads to rejection.”
  2. “Everything in moderation.”

When these Teachings are ignored, poor health is one of many consequences.

The importance of balance! Allow yourself to occasionally enjoy foods that may not be completely healthy.

How to support liver health. What’s the liver's role? How does it render toxins harmless? How does the body eliminate toxins?

Understand the drugs you may be taking and any detrimental side effects by reading the literature that comes with it. Make informed decisions when it comes to your health care.

Become your own expert about your self/body. Learn how to nurture and care for your body. Stop treating your body and start nourishing it!

How to find a nutritional practitioner that works well with you.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us.

Next week: Detoxing & Cleansing

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