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As we head into state assessment season (people who don’t spend their lives in schools call this spring), I thought it would be fun to talk about different forms of assessment and what this looks like in our classrooms. Show Notes: - We start this question with the goofy question. When was the last time you had to sit down to take a test? Joining us from Ohio is Tanea Hibler:I don’t remember. Oh, it was when I took the GRE about 1-2 years ago. I was totally freaked out and super nervous and actually did better on the English and writing then I did on the math. I almost walked out of the testing center in the middle of the test as well. I think my scores might have been why I got waitlisted for the Vanderbilt PhD program : ( But I have moved on now, and I’m happy that things worked out the way they did. I could tell you about what happened when I had to take the SAT’s too, there was so much instability and drama going on in my life and the SAT just was a huge source of stress for me. I HATE TESTS. Joining us from Minnesota, Mark Peterson: I'm going to turn the clock back to 1985 when I had to take the driver’s exam in Minneapolis, MN because I had moved from Iowa City, IA after grad school for my first HS job. Joining us from Missouri is Jessica Popescu: I think it was my PRAXIS when I was becoming certified to teach in 2013? It’s been a while! Aaron: Mine was way back in 2006 when I took my subject area test for my National Board Certification. Questions We Discuss: - Do you differentiate between formative and summative assessments in your class? Do your students know the difference? - What does the concept of an “Authentic Assessment” mean to you? - Do your students talk about Assessment/Test Anxiety? How do we help students manage this anxiety? Credits: Please subscribe to Life of the school on your podcast player of choice! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LOTS Music by: https://exmagicians.bandcamp.com/ Show Notes at Lifeoftheschool.org You can follow on twitter @MrMathieuTweets or @lifeoftheschool

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